Earl Grey Latte Popsicles

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Don’t you just love striped popsicles? They do take extra time–adding a new layer, waiting for it to freeze, adding another layer, etc. But when you’re done, look at the fabulous results! This popsicle recipe only has 4 ingredients: boiling water, tea, agave nectar and coconut milk. Simple, elegant and delicious! Recipe and photo via  Dessert for Two.

Coconut Mango Popsicles

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This popsicle recipe screams summer with its mix of mango and coconut. Greek yogurt adds a pop of protein while coconut rum makes them perfect for adult parties. Recipe and photo via happyfoodhealthylife.com



Blackberry Cheesecake Popcicles

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Creamy cheesecake on a stick! Cream cheese and whipped topping give these popsicles a smooth texture. Fresh fruit and sugar add the sweetness. And best of all for those with kids: According to the recipe maker, these popsicles gradually soften so there’s no drips or sticky hands. Recipe and photo via firefliesandmudpies.com.

Skinny Banoffee Popsicles

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popsicle recipesBanoffee pie hails from Britian and contains bananas, toffee and cream. Some versions also contain chocolate, pecans and coffee. These popsicles have all the Banoffee flavor without the high calories. Skim milk and Greek yogurt replace the cream and graham crackers provide the flavor and texture of the crust. Recipe and photo via Port and Fin.

Beetroot Raspberry Popsicles

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popsicle recipesThese popsicles get their amazing color from beetroot juice. The liquid has gotten interest as new studies show a link between drinking beetroot juice and enhanced athletic performance. In addition to boosting your stamina, the crimson drink helps lower blood pressure, fights inflammation, detoxifies and contains valueable nutrients and fiber. In this popsicle recipe, the juice is blended with frozen raspberries, lemon juice and sugar to taste. Recipe and photo via Supergolden Bakes.


Matcha Popsicles with Magic Chocolate and Toasted Almond Shell

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popsicle recipesOh, how I wish I could run out to the store and buy these! But be aware–these have to be consumed on a splurge day. That’s because the popsicles have whole milk, heavy cream, egg yolks and sugar (plus matcha, salt, cornstarch and vanilla). The quick-hardening magic shell is made from toasted almonds, coconut oil and chocolate chips. Recipe and photo via Oh, How Civilized.

Lime-Ginger-Mint Bug Popsicles

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popsicle recipesThe “bug” in the title of this popsicle recipe refers to the whimsical molds used to make them. For these summery treats, bring store-bought limeade, mint leaves and fresh ginger  to a boil in a saucepan and let steep for an hour. Strain out the leaves and ginger then freeze. Recipe and photo via Boulder Locavore.

Strawberry Pretzel Popsicles

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popsicle recipesOur mouths (and minds) love it when we eat things that have a combination of tastes and textures. These popsicles have a sweet/salty/creamy/crunchy thing happening. They’re made by layering strawberries and strawberry jam, Greek yogurt with honey and vanilla, and bits of hard pretzels. Recipe and photo via Baking A Moment.

Brownie-Cow Popsicles

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popsicle recipesHere’s the thing about brownies: they’re crunchy and chewy and chocolate. They’re also versatile. Craving fudge, peanut butter, Nutella? There’s a brownie for that. This popsicle recipes pairs the brownie of your choice, homemade or store-bought, with whole milk and sweetened condensed milk for a delicious and portion-controlled frozen treat. Recipe and photo via Lady and Pups.

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