Earl Grey Latte Popsicles

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Don’t you just love striped popsicles? They do take extra time–adding a new layer, waiting for it to freeze, adding another layer, etc. But when you’re done, look at the fabulous results! This popsicle recipe only has 4 ingredients: boiling water, tea, agave nectar and coconut milk. Simple, elegant and delicious! Recipe and photo via  Dessert for Two.

Coconut Mango Popsicles

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This popsicle recipe screams summer with its mix of mango and coconut. Greek yogurt adds a pop of protein while coconut rum makes them perfect for adult parties. Recipe and photo via happyfoodhealthylife.com



Sparkling Fruit Izze & Cream Cocktail Popsicles

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popsicle recipesThere’s so much to love about these popsicles! There’s the cool pink color, the unusual shape and    . . . the vodka. “Izze” in the title refers to Izze Sparkling Juice, a product with 70 percent pure juice with a smash of sparkling water. Mix your favorite flavored Izze with cream, honey and vodka. Freeze overnight, pop one out and chillax. Recipe and photo via Family Fresh Cooking.

Guinness Fudgesicles

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guinness fudgesiclesChocolate and beer? Bring it! These Fudgesicles for adults have all the sweet creaminess you loved as a kid plus stout beer to kick up the flavor. Ingredients include milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, cocoa sugar, half & half, milk, butter and Guinness. Recipe and photo via Femme Fraiche.

Irish Creme Fudgesicles

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popsicle recipes

Fans of Baileys Irish Cream, rejoice! The whiskey and cream concoction is just what the doctor ordered as the days heat up. For this easy popsicle recipe, combine the Baileys with almond milk and vanilla, and fill popsicle molds. Add a teaspoon of fudge (made from chocolate chips and almond milk) and freeze. Recipe and photo via The Frosted Vegan.

Layered Margarita Popsicles

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popsicle recipesBrighten you day with these colorful, fruity popsicles. Three layers–strawberry, white peach, and lime–provide the great look and taste. Add tequila for an adult indulgence or leave it out to keep them kid-friendly. The recipe creator chose to mimic the Mexican flag making these popsicles an awesome treat for Cinco de Mayo. Recipe and photo via The Cookie Rookie.

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